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From Your President

Judson J. Costlow



There are two exciting and important changes that have been made in the Club that I would like to share with you.
First, in the last bulletin you received it mentioned that our present meeting place, the Blair House (Centerville Inn), was closing the end of March and that the board was looking for an alternative meeting place.  At our meeting on the 28th of February, the board decided to begin meeting at the Senior Center in Centerville, that was graciously offered for us to use by the Seniors, at a cost of $1.00 per person per meeting. Our next meeting on the 14th of March will be held at the Senior Center, so please plan on being there for the meeting.  The board also decided to proceed with the offer of Palais Royal Café to cater meals to us at the Senior Center at a cost of $7.00 per person. We need to thank Ron and Becky Cole for this gracious offer, which I am sure is not a money making project for them.  Therefore, the total cost of our meals will now be $8.00 per meeting rather that $7.50.  The Senior Center will be a great place to have meetings with its openness.  It will afford our guest speakers a better place to make their presentations, where  they can now see all the members while they speak as well as have plenty of room to set up any audio visual equipment they might bring with them. It will also offer our members a place where we can set across the table from each other to visit more easily.



The second important change in the club is that we will be inducting our first ever female into the club at our ladies night in April. Pam Farmer will be our first female club member and she will be a great addition for those of you who know her.  Lion Jack Farmer is her father.  The club voted unanimously to take her in as a member in our last meeting.  We also are having another young lady transfer her membership from the new Butler University Lions Club in Indianapolis to our club. Her name is Courtney Amos. She is presently living in Richmond and will be attending our next meeting on the 14th.  As I said in my first newsletter, changes can be a good thing, and these two changes are good and I hope will help in some way to grow our club. 
Hey,  Fellow Lions, Think Fish Fry,  for it will be coming up before you know it and we will be needing lots of help this year because of the date change to correspond with the U.S. 40 Road Rally weekend event.  We are expecting large crowds and will need your help.  Please help when asked.
Lion President, Jud Costlow


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